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Galaxy S5 Unveiled, Release Date Announced

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.31.20 PM
Barcelon, Spain: Putting an end to months of speculation and rumors, the Galaxy S5 was unveiled in Barcelona, Spain during the Mobile World Congress.

The gala began with a the Barcelona Opera House chamber Orchestra performing a dramatic opening to the festivities.

The opening sequence showed a woman and her photos. “I’m not photographer, but my pictures come out amazing,” she said. The opening closed with a mountain biker trekking through the city in the rain.

Jong-Kyun Shin, President of Samsung just took the stage and unveiled:

  • A new ultra power-saving mode
  • Perforated pattern that Shin dubbed “modern and refreshing”
  • Water and Dust Resistance (IP67). It was later pointed out that this doesn’t mean the phone can be submerged in water, but should be okay if water spills on it.
  • For Fitness buffs – a heart-rate sensor called “Gear Fit” that goes on wrist

Other details that emerged are:

  • Available in White, Black, Blue and “Copper-Gold.”…
  • Adaptive Display: Screen brightness to be based on exterior conditions, like a brighter screen when it is sunny or a dim screen when it is dark….
  • Better Battery: “10 Hours of Web Surfing” or “12 hours of Video Playback” and a power saving mode when battery is low (shuts down other features but leaves SMS and phone active)
  • Selective Focus in Camera
  • Your fingerprint can now act as a password
  • “Kid Mode” adds easy-access to a kid-friendlier mode
  • Enhanced Wifi speed (802.11‎)
  • Will be on Sale April 11 in 150 countries
    …….. MORE COMINGUPDATE: Samsung just posted this up-close Galaxy S5 review:

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New Samsung Galaxy S5 release date

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date, Rumors, Specs, News and Price

Latest rumors of Samsung Galaxy S5 suggest that the device will have 3 GB RAM and 16 core processor which will be battery efficient. This device will be delivered in March, 2014. People are eagerly waiting for the launch of this device. We have also provided the official schedule for the launch events of this device. Rumors also suggest that Koreans are playing with sensors to deploy in their upcoming device as they did in Galaxy S4. Few months back, SGS4 was launched and now Galaxy S5 is gaining attention in the market although its release date is too far.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5Exact time has not come to give rumors of Galaxy SV. It is too early to suggest something. There are various design strategies based on one’s manipulation. Samsung organized a meeting which was based on Design 3.0. This stated that all the upcoming devices will be featuring new design and SGS5 will be the first device to feature new design. You can go through the rumors of this device and design strategy of this device by clicking on the link provided with the word.

Samsung Galaxy S5 News

New Samsung Galaxy S5 conceptTill date no official news is available regarding this device. And do not expect to listen any of the official news before the end of this year or January, 2014. We have provided to schedule of launch events for SGS5 here. You can go through it to get more information regarding the launch of this device. It can be confirmed that this device will be carrying 3 GB RAM and 16 MP primary camera with Omnivision sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

New Samsung Galaxy S5 conceptEarlier it was assumed that the device will be seen in either in April or May next year. But recent news speaks that the device will launch in March, 2014. This device can be seen at the same time all over the world. No different release date will be there this time. And all the countries will get same configuration device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs and Price

Samsung Galaxy S5 patent designWe have gone through the specs of this device many times so there is no use to repeat them again. It is said that price of SGS5 will be high this time because of the use of carbon fiber and many new sensors. This is all about the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is known till now. Stay tuned with us for more new updates and like us on facebook. Do not forget to share this article with your friends.

FM Radio in Galaxy SV

FM radio will be back in Galaxy SV | Samsung S5

We all welcomed SGS4 with great pomp and show but after getting in hands we criticized the device because of some drawbacks in the device, now Samsung will not repeat the same mistake in the upcoming device Galaxy SV. Samsung will launch their new device without any loophole in it. With the help of this device they want to leave Apple behind ad grab the first position in the smartphone era. It is not impossible for Samsung to be on the top but a little bit difficulty is there.

The difficulties are the popularity and establishment of Apple in the market and drawbacks faced in the previous device. Users criticized the device in the following reasons.

FM Radio in Galaxy SVFM radio will be back in SGS5 | Galaxy SV

Absence of FM radio in SGS4 was a great mistake by Koreans. But it is final that they are not going to repeat this mistake again the upcoming device. They want their new devices a big hit and this can only be possible if no drawback is left in the device. With the help of FM Radio, one can listen to the latest songs without spending memory of their device. Even you do not need to your browsing data to listen to a song. Just switch on the FM Radio and listen to latest songs.

More problems were also there like heating issue and poor battery backup. Koreans are working on better experience of battery backup by developing a new power efficient processor. One more interesting feature can be there in the new device but we cannot confirm it until we get the confirmation from our sources. After getting the confirmation we will tell you the latest feature which will be there in new device to reduce the power consumption. This is all about the getting back of FM Radio in Galaxy SV.