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Galaxy SV concept image

Galaxy S5 Launch: Samsung Heads to Android 5.0

Samsung wants to deliver their new device Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. They do not want to provide it as update instead they will launch it with Key Lime Pie. This confirms that the device will not be launched at the end of this year because Key Lime Pie will be launched by Google at the end of this year. In the next year, January cannot be suitable for the release because of over competition. Release Date can be expected only in March or after March.

New Samsung Galaxy S5 conceptWe have provided you the scheduled list of launch events in this article. Samsung is doing well in the devices launched in Galaxy S4 family. S4 Active is getting popular for its drop test. It is one of the best devices to be used as rough and tough. S4 Zoom is getting famous for its camera. And next year same drama will be there for Galaxy S5 devices.

Samsung has announced their new device will be featuring new design. Its body will be in combinations of both aluminum and carbon fiber which will make it to weigh less. We have gone all the features and specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5.

What are your views about the new device coming in Galaxy S series? Will it be a huge success for Koreans the way they are thinking? Samsung is thinking to sell 15 million devices in the first month of launch. The release date of this device can only be confirmed after the launch of Galaxy Note 3 in the first month of 2014.

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