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Samsung Galaxy S5 AnTuTu Benchmark Leaked

Now it is confirmed from the Antutu Benchmark leak that Samsung Galaxy S5 will surely be seen in market in February, 2014. In this article, I would also like to apologize on the behalf of my team that we were not able to provide you information regarding this device from last 3 months.

But now we are here to take your queries for Galaxy SV. This device is going to be the next successful flagship in Galaxy S series. In this article we will see the variant of Samsung S5 with the code name SM-G900F in AnTuTu.

AntuTu Benchmark leak provides the glimpse of possible features of this device. SM-G900F will be the model number which will be release with the name of Galaxy S5. We have observed that all the specifications are not matching to the specifications shown in AnTuTu Benchmark leak.

We have also attached the image to show benchmark leak of this device. Even nothing can be trusted at this time. It will just help us an idea of what we can expect from the future of smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S5 ANTUTU Benchmark LeakedAccording to the benchmark news, this device can be seen in market in February, 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications according to AnTuTu Benchmark

The smartphone would have full HD and 800 Snapdragon processor. This can be seen in benchmark result that this device will feature full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels instead of 2650 x 1440 pixels which was rumored. It is also seen that processor would be Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974AC) having frequency of 2.5 GHz with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory.

Furthermore, this device will carry 16 MP primary camera, probably ISOCELL and 2 MP secondary camera.

This device will be launched with Android v4.4 KitKat, the latest operating system version launched by Google. This is all about the benchmark leak of Samsung Galaxy S5 with all the essential specification required.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 ISOCELL OIS camera

Samsung Galaxy S5 to incorporate 16 MP camera with OIS

The latest rumors are indicating the newest in the Galaxy S series and Note series —  Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 — will feature brand new 16 MP camera with OIS technology, or Optical Image Stabilization.

ET news which is a Korean Media, indicated that the next upcoming phablet and device in Galaxy S series will feature 16 MP OIS technology camera. This will allow you to click clearer and sharper images even you are on the move or in dark environment.

Most of the camera which are available in the market offers the resolution of 4 MP or 8 MP, LG G2 is the only one which is equipped with 13 MP camera in a slim design. Galaxy S4 could be the one to provide a resolution of 16 MP. This could be a breakthrough in terms of images quality.

Samsung Galaxy S5 ISOCELL OIS camera

Galaxy S5 ISOCELL camera

ET news also confirms that Samsung has ordered 181 million OIS technology modules for different device. This confirms that they are going to experiment this technology in their upcoming devices. This will be available in the market with the new device Samsung Galaxy S5 in the market. This device can be seen in the first half of the next year.

The Korean Digital Times also published on their website that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with 4 GB RAM. This can be possible because everyone wants the advanced and higher configuration in their devices. This is not enough; this device can also feature 64 bit processor. This architecture has only been introduced in Apple iPhones. Fingerprint sensors can also be seen in Galaxy S5 which are already seen in Apple iPhone 5S.

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New Samsung Device Design Description : Galaxy S5

Last year Galaxy S4 proved great success in the market. This time Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy S5 with 64 bit processor. Samsung is promising to deliver characteristics of dream. Flexible screen is also the option which can appear with Galaxy SV. On the other hand, no one is confirming regarding the specifications of this device. All are giving rumors of this device. Fans of Samsung are requesting new and innovative design for new device in the market. News came that Samsung has promised their customer to deliver new device with metallic body.

Back Side of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

The camera of the device will be seen on the left at the back side of device with LED flash as it is seen with all the other devices. Speaker of the device will also be placed at the back of the device. You will experience amazing sound with this device.

Front side of smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5Front side will have large screen and most expected is flexible display. The device will be launched with Android v4.4, Kitkat. Earlier it was claimed that the device will be seen with flexible display but on the very next day news came that this technology is not ready to be delivered in 2014.

Camera Specifications

The device will be featured with 16 MP primary camera with optical image stabilizer and optical zoom option. The device can easily compete with the latest devices launched by Sony and other companies.  The camera will be manufactured by Nikon and Carl Zeiss.

New Design of Galaxy SV

First Leaked image of Samsung Galaxy S5

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This time Samsung will launch the device with new design in the market as it is demanded by their customers. It is said that the new design will mesmerize their customers. Samsung also made a meeting on the same concern in the company and named it as Design 3.0.

Recall the design of Galaxy S4; it was just the same as its previous device. This is the main reason why customers demanded new design because they are bored of the old design.

This is all about the upcoming device in the market. Write us your expectations from new Samsung Galaxy S5.